We know you: you've even seen the first episode of Stranger Things 4 Part 1 and your eyes are on the "Hellfire Club" baseball 

jerseys worn by Dungeons & Dragons Hawkins High. Now we're going to tell you about Argyle's role and get you involved in some sick threads.

Shirts are part of the permanent memory of the 80s, even if the style is older, at least in terms of style. (Named after Lord Raglan, 

whose seamstresses needed a new way of sewing sleeves after he cut off his right arm in 1815; he was injured during the Waterloo campaign.)

And not just shoulder length as a traditional t-shirt: allows more movements. (This is why baseball players use it to warm up.)

Design for Hawkins Hellfire Club - Black and white weapons with Dungeon & Dragons symbols, including dice set, flaming sword, 

mace and horn head. Yawa. The shirt is probably this year's version of Dustin's truck and is the simplest Halloween costume a group