The final round of the 2022 UEFA Champions League will be the year Liverpool and Real Madrid meet at the

Stade de France to claim the top team trophy.

Liverpool treble this season as the EFL Cup and FA Cup playoffs in England, but show some weakness

that has prevented the Reds from winning the Premier League title.

Real Madrid have also played three times. The Whites made their 35th La Liga appearance recently

and this year they won the Spanish Super Cup.

Of the two, Real Madrid's UCL length is even more impressive, as they have the potential for impressive wins over Paris Saint-Germain, 

Chelsea and Manchester City in the Round of 16, but for good reason. Liverpool is a favorite. 

that the team is more skilled when comparing player to player. We will also find out who will be joining the Premier League next season

when the final EFL Championship kicks off on Saturday.