President DC Films confirmed on Tuesday that the studio is considering replacing Amber Heard in "Aquaman 2" due

to fears that it lacks the chemistry of star Jason Momo. Heard was eventually expelled from the prosecution,

but his lawyers claimed he would nearly lose his job and be unable to renegotiate more money due to a conflict with

his allegations of domestic violence against Johnny Depp. Heard has demanded $ 100 million in defamation proceedings against Depp.

Walter Hamada, President of Warner Bros. DC Unit, was the first witness summoned by Depp's side

when they began their opposition to Heard's counterclaim in Fairfax, Va. Hamada, who appeared in the video,

testified that the allegations of abuse played no role in the decision in "Aquaman 2."

However, he said that the studio delayed his choice for several weeks as it tried to return the role

of Mera, Aquaman's love in the first film.